Archived Minutes

Listed below are archive minutes from older Parish Council meetings.  These documents are available in .pdf format and can be downloaded by clicking on the month required (please note this will open in a new browser window).

You will need Adobe Reader installed to be able to open these documents.  If you do not have Adobe Reader then you can download it by clicking on the image below (please note this will open in a new browser window):

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If you wish to view earlier minutes, please contact the Parish Clerk:

(Please note that a fee may be charged to cover the cost of locating, producing and posting copies of earlier minutes). 

2008 2009 2010
Jan08 (85KB) Jan09 (63KB) Jan10 (48KB)
Mar08 (87KB) Mar09 (77KB) Mar10 (42KB)
May08 (93KB) May09 (87KB) May10 (61KB)
July08 (80KB) July09 (63KB) July10 (42KB)
Sep08 (86KB) Sep09 (48KB) Sep10 (41KB)
Nov08 (91KB) Nov09 (45KB) Nov10 (50KB)
2011 2012 2013
Jan11 (49KB) Jan12 (86KB) Jan13 (37KB)
Mar11 (49KB) Mar12 (91KB) Mar13 (33KB)
May11 (52KB) May12 (85KB) May13 (32KB)
July11 (50KB) July12 (106KB) July13 (38KB)
Sep11 (45KB) Sep12 (30KB) Sep13 (32KB)
Nov11 (55KB) Nov12 (35KB) Nov13 (47KB)