Suffolk Coastal District Council formally consults the Parish Council on all planning applications within the parishes, much of which is within the Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty.  A searchable database of all planning applications within the Suffolk Coastal area is available at: (please note this will open in a new browser window). 

The Parish Council is given 21 days in which to respond, the timing starting from the date on the District Council notification letter.  The District Council also notifies some of the immediate neighbours.

The Parish Council felt there was a weakness in this arrangement as often not all neighbours affected by a development were notified by the District Council.

To strengthen this, the Parish Council devised its own more thorough arrangement.

Once a planning application is received:

  1. A Parish Councillor from the Planning Committee (4 Councillors) is identified as the ‘Lead Councillor’. 
  2. It is his/her task to identify all those likely to be directly affected by the proposed development, and personally seek their opinions, along with those of the applicant. 
  3. All are also personally notified of the arrangements for the meeting of the Parish Council Planning Committee. 
  4. Public notices of the arrangements for the Parish Planning Committee Meeting are displayed as early as possible, usually giving much more than the minimum 3 days notice. 

Each meeting of the Parish Council Planning Committee is held in public. Immediately before the planning meeting is convened, all residents present are given the opportunity to state their views, which can range from the immediate impact, to the wider effect, or the setting of precedents.

Once the decision is reached, it is notified to the Suffolk District Council within the 21-day deadline.

Parish Planning Committee Members:

Ian Angus, John Bailey, David Long, David Pryke & Pat Pryke.